Try one of the best New Foods

at the Iowa State Fair!

For the first time... ever

Stockman's Inn brings the local culinary legend

to the hamburger, to create...

The Burger de Burgo!

The de Burgo recipe was famously created in Des Moines in the late 1940’s and has been a part of this region’s food lore ever since.  Traditionally served atop a beef tenderloin… until now!


We begin with a pound beef patty sauteed in olive oil, top it with a creamy, buttery mix of garlic, oregano and basil - which melts into the burger.  Warm Cremini mushrooms are added, if desired, and all is served on a customary bun. 


At Stockman’s Inn our aim is to honor the Iowans who produce the food we serve.  The Burger de Burgo does that with the beef that is its foundation and the de Burgo recipe which is Iowa bred.  The flavors of an American tradition, regional creativity and local pride all together!


An Iowa classic… reinvented for the Iowa State Fair!







Over these many years Stockman's Inn has been in business we have updated, expanded and improved our menu many times.  Fine-tuning it to match what fairgoers currently are eating and drinking - meaning no more Slim Jims, Bomb Pops and Olympia beer - to what many of our regular customers raising livestock are in the business of producing every day such as pork tenderloins, beef brisket, pork chops and steaks.



It's always been a Stockman's tradition to try to give back to those that, year in and year out, support us the most.  Creating a menu that offers food produced right here in the Iowa heartland reflects that effort.



Leave the deep fried Twinkies up the street, we'll take "real" food any day.


We hope you enjoy it!!